Private Company Financials

For private companies, we have a variety of optional add-ons that leverage client obtained, confidential financial statements.

We've expanded our private company bankruptcy risk scoring greatly in recent years, now providing the most accurate risk assessments in the market place. These include private company FRISK® scores, Altman Z”-Scores, financial ratios, and peer analysis supporting apple-to-apples risk comparisons between your private and public counterparties:

  • Our Financial Statement Processing saves you time and effort by leveraging our team of financial statement experts to standardize and input the private company financial statements that you have obtained for processing

  • Our Confidential Financial Statements Portal offers the same savings of time and effort, but at a lower cost by leveraging your supplier power to get your customers to directly input their private financials for analysis through our secure platform. The portal supports automated reminders to customers to submit new financials on a reoccurring basis. For a fast download, check out our one-pager

  • Our Confidential Financial Statements Tool offers an even lower cost option by leveraging your in-house resources to handle the standardization and data entry of customer financials that you have obtained

If you do not have financials, the CreditRiskMonitor® PAYCE® score can provide unmatched accuracy in predicting bankruptcies for private companies.