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Private Coverage Power

$3T We collect nearly $3 trillion annually in trade payment data to turbo-charge our private company risk analysis.

Drilling Into A/R Data

18 monthsWe can hold up to 18 months of A/R data for you to explore a robust history of payment performance to identify risk trends.

Dollars-At-Risk Coverage

~90%Our proprietary analytics cover roughly 90% of subscribers dollars-at-risk, including all public companies worldwide.

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Receivables Snapshot

When receivables are stratified across our predictive models, including the FRISK® and PAYCE® scores, users can see where the risk lies within their portfolio. This page is where we essentially organize your A/R data and allow users to hold up to 18 months of this data within the feature. There are specific sections provided for public or private companies, even companies to where there is no score available. The purpose of this report is quite simple: all we are doing is highlighting companies that are at high risk, given the FRISK® and PAYCE® scores, which are valuable and tie into organizing dollars in each model that we offer in the program. This section emphasizes the key areas of how the program can be hugely effective in streamlining your process and best understanding risk among your accounts across the board.

Slow Payers

This report is focused on and highlights which customers are paying you slowly, and how quickly each company is paying other trade contributors for the current month. This report also provides information you can leverage to manage your collections better. You can click on company names and we will provide a link to that parent company leading you to our fundamental service. This information can be very helpful in doing a simple compare and contrast to either the payment performance or the terms that are displayed, even the credit limits that are showing. If you wanted to investigate further into a trade provider’s full experience and account details, this video will walk you through how to get to a full 18-month view for as many months as the company has been submitting.

Hidden Slow Payers

This report reveals customers that are paying you on time but is unfortunately paying other contributors slower delinquent. This has been very helpful to many of our current trade providers because the information drills down to the comparative information, along with useful functions such as clicking on the company’s name, providing you with a historical view of your experiences, payment, and comparative payment experiences. The more A/R information that is provided, the more helpful it is to analyze these trends over time. We provide you with your average DBT index, and the comparative average DBT index, as well as allow you to see the comparative total due and past dues with your active accounts and comparative active accounts over time.

Analysis By Country

The Analysis By Country report offers an interactive geographical view of your A/R file by region, allowing you to easily analyze the performance of your receivables based on past due and total due metrics. You can also gain valuable insights by focusing on month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons. To unlock the full potential of this report, we recommend providing three to six months of data from your A/R file, enabling in-depth trend analysis and more accurate assessments.

Analysis By Industry

The Analysis By Industry report shows an interactive pie chart of your A/R file with SIC and NAICS codes based on total due amounts, past due amounts, and customers of the industries you are doing business with. The slider on the right-hand side allows you to choose by month. This option can allow you to view month over month as well as year over year if we have the data collected from your AR file, which is why providing three to six months of data is beneficial.

Hidden High Risk

The Hidden High Risk report shows considering companies that are at high risk given the FRISK® and PAYCE® scores who are paying you on time. This report can be really helpful in keeping an eye on accounts that are at high risk, despite their payment performance.

Customer Summary

We offer custom reporting options under "Customer Summary." If you happen to not find the information you are looking for under where action reports are displayed, this is the section to come to in order to customize your own report. This report is sorted by past due (largest to smallest), so you can prioritize which accounts to pursue first, but this information ca be organized in any way that best suits your needs. Once you filter the information, you will receive a solid report of accounts that you can pursue immediately provided the organization information.

Customer Bankruptcy Filings

In the Customer Bankruptcy Filing section, we make sure that our trade providers are in a unique position that should any of their customers, public or private, file for bankruptcy, you will receive notification regarding this. Our non-trade subscription holders get alerts only on the accounts within their portfolio that are FRISK® and PAYCE® scored. A big bonus for our trade providers, since we're linking the A/R information to our bankruptcy database, we're able to provide you with a larger net of bankruptcies that occur with the lesser-known privately held companies and, of course, your publicly traded companies.

Download Accounts

We match up your accounts to the financial information within our database. We offer a variety of download options that enables you to pull and save your financials. This step-by-step walkthrough will let you know what data points are included on each download, whether you do a quarterly financial summary, annual financial summary, or pulling the data in full, as well as exactly how to download the data.

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