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No More Data Entry. Ever.

Avoid 15-30 minutes of tedious manual entry per supplier plus complex calculations.

Leverage the automation of AI with the protection of human analyst oversight to assure trustworthy information, every time.

Low Risk: Pay Only For Results.

No big investments to get started and no bad experiences paying for effort without results.

Clients are only charged a credit when they receive a bankruptcy risk score and can buy more credits at any time during their annual terms.

Quick Decision? No Problem.

From user or their designated supplier invitee upload of financial statements to actionable insights in 1 business day.

Take the stress out of monitoring your private company suppliers. Insights in an instant with access to material questions, key performance indicators, trends, peer benchmarks, and bankruptcy risk scores.

Confidentiality is Our Priority.

Security and confidentiality are required with private company financials. Our data centers are SOC2 certified, and our platform is designed under ISO 27001 standards to ensure data protection.

Learn more about our confidentiality processes here.

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Full Supply Chain Financial Risk Assessment. Simplified.

Get your financial analysis co-pilot today. Use SupplyChainMonitor and the Confidential Financial Statements Solution to assess your public and private company suppliers in one simple, holistic tool.

Key Features That Set You Ahead:

Predictive Bankruptcy Risk Analytics

Stay steps ahead of bankruptcy risk with models that update daily. Solve the stale data problem caused by outdated private company financial statements. Our Confidential Financial Statements risk model incorporates available PAYCE® score signals to ensure real-time bankruptcy risk assessments. Learn more about what makes this model so special.

Stress-Free Financial Analysis at Your Fingertips

Go directly to the analysis. Leverage our automated processing to access up to 80 calculated data points with the click of a button. Take the pain out of the process with standardized financial statements, spreads, ratios, key performance indicators, and trends to streamline your procurement decisions.

Peer Benchmarking for Strategic Insights

Understand the competitive landscape and elevate your risk strategy. Easy benchmarking of your private company suppliers against their peers (public and private) across up to 40 financial ratios. Save time with quartile charts allowing for quick visual comparisons covering up to 10 rolling periods.

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