CreditRiskMonitor Crowdsourcing Overview

Would your approach to risk assessment change if you knew:

  • That multiple credit managers were keeping an eye on the same account you had in question?
  • That you had access to the insights of more than 35% of Fortune 1000 business leaders, plus thousands more at large corporations worldwide?

Obtaining financial insight on a publicly-traded company prior to actual disclosure has always been difficult given restrictions that prevent insider trading. “Fair Disclosure,” however, does not apply to credit managers, whose job is to assess a public company’s financial health. Crowdsourcing is an extremely important – and legal – way to understand how reliable a company truly is as a partner, supplier, customer or investment.

Leveraging sentiment among credit managers and other CreditRiskMonitor subscribers enables a powerful predictive element that strengthens our proprietary FRISK® score, which is 96% accurate in predicting public company bankruptcy risk within a 12-month period. Click on the download link to download this fact-filled brochure.

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